Behind the Frosted Glass

approx. 100 x 380 cm, according to the site.  95 x 20 cm each.
Acrylic medium, inkjet print pigment, magnets, mirrors, metal bars

Pumpkin patch, apple trees, warning signs, decaying explosive manufacturing plants, green-flooded lampposts, tower cranes, blue sky, white blinds and a black roof.

Behind the Frosted Glass
is a study of Lier that’s composed by a collection of fragmented images taken in late-summer. The project captures the presence of a transition in regional landscapes, which intertwined with personal memory in the search of belongingness. In combination with the photographic elements, a series of mirror installations will be present alongside. They will act as extended windows, looking into the industrial field and witnessing the in-between, the now and then.

* The project was exhibited in two group exhibitions with Tenthaus art collective:

Kunst på Store Gilhus gård- Polyphonic vision, Store Gilhus Gård, Lier. 
Oslo Negativ, Det Gamle Biblioteket, Oslo.

* The project is supported by Prosjektstøtte from Kulturrådet Høst, 2022.