From Far Away (Ongoing)

2023 -
Various size
Acrylic medium, inkjet print pigment, fishing wire, magnets, and wooden mount

"From Far Away" is a series of works that explore themes of relocation, shifting values, and the evolving relationships between objects, emotions, and memories. They are based on photographs taken during my return to my homeland, Taiwan, after a 3.5-year absence.

"Angled Sunlight and Safety Net" was taken at my paternal grandma's house, in the afternoon, when sunlight takes on a certain quality just before sunset. "No window, 3 pm, and Bird Dropping" was taken at my maternal grandma's house, featuring a scene from my earliest memories. It shows a curtain in front of a window that has never been opened and has had bird droppings staining it since my childhood. "Everything good is always somewhere else" was taken between these two locations, featuring a common rural town scene by the side of the road.

These scenes represent my observations as a "foreign" family member residing 8000 km and 7 hours apart, where my emotions and access to information come delayed.

The works are created by a self-developed technique. I take analog photos, print them out digitally, and then transfer the ink from the prints to transparent acrylic paint. The result is photo print pigments embedded in layered dried paint. The photograph becomes three-dimensional with an intriguing tactile depth, blurring the lines between traditional photography, painting, and sculpture.

* The project was exhibited with Tenthaus art collective at Oslo Negativ, Den gamle Veterinærhøgskolen, Oslo.

* The project is supported by Prosjektstøtte from Kulturrådet Høst, 2023.

*Postcard Edition is acquired by the art collection of Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden, in 2024.