It’s Not Far Away

Various sizes
Acrylic medium, inkjet print pigments

I am sitting here, waiting, is it coming?

Through this fixated view, a window that I see everyday from the beginning of the day til the end, where do my eyes land? Dead bugs, trees, those two birds that probably have a nest somewhere, his belongings, her gifts, all intertwined. I am lost, is it here yet?

It’s Not Far Away
is about the voyeuristic glances and the distorted experiences of time passing in everyday life, through windows with personal connections. The main work is consisted of several photographs that document a single motif in different perspectives. One set is focused on the window frame and another is fixed on the view on the other side. These fluid, organic documentation traces down the washed out and preserved, time and memory.

* The project is supported by BKV Prosjektstøtte, from NBK