Sun Faded Snowy mountain, Packaging Tape and 1093 days apart

154 x 113 cm
Acrylic medium, inkjet print pigment, fishing wire, magnets, and wooden mount

Faded wallpaper on Grandma’s wall for over 30 years, a piece of Imaginary landscape, has fallen over, and gotten repaired, countless times. It took 1093 days for my return, to look at it again. Now, I am perhaps closer to that imaginary landscape, more than anyone in the family, ever before.

Sun Faded Snowy mountain, Packaging Tape and 1093 days apart is part of the ongoing series, “From Far Away". The project takes root in a series of photographs captured during a brief return to my homeland, Taiwan, after an absence of 3.5 years.

The work is processed with a self-developed technique, transferring inkjet pigments to layers of dried paint and washing away the paper fibers. The symbols on the bottom of the work are 1093 counts of my absence. It is made by two ways of counting 5: one from Taiwan (5 strokes of making the Chinese character ‘Zheng’ 正); the other is from non-Chinese speaking region, and also the common way here in Norway. The drawings are engraved utilized the wash-out process of the image transfer.

* The project is currently exhibiting in Bitácora, as part of Tegnetriennalen, - 22/12 at Tenthaus project space, Christian Kroghs gate 34, Oslo (map).

* The project is supported by Prosjektstøtte from Kulturrådet Høst, 2023.