Time Practices: Security Camera

12 x 18 cm each
Inkjet printer pigment, acrylic medium and silicone rubber

There are three security cameras installed at the entrance of the family house on my father’s side. I lived in this house in different periods of my life. When I lived here alone with my grandma, separated from my parents, I used to travel back and forth between the two cities.

It takes me 1 hour and 23 minutes to get on the bus from Taichung and enter the house in Chiayi. I used 83 minutes as my interval to document the scene throughout the window, including the security camera that is never in sync. It is a documentation of the sequence of numbers marking the date and time: one from the digital photograph’s files, one from the security camera, one from the natural light, and one from the artificial light.

*Installation image with Time Practices: Security Camera