Various sizes
Inkjet print pigments and acrylic medium

attente / waiting
Tumult of anxiety provoked by waiting for the loved being., subject to trivial delays (rendezvous, letters, telephone callls, returns).I am waiting for an arrival, a return, a promised sign. This can be futile, or immensely pathetic: in Erwartung (Waitling), a woman waits for her lover, at night, in the forest; I am waiting for no more than a telephone call, but the anxiety is the same. Everything is solemn: I have no sense of proporltions.*

Windows, cracks on the asphalt road, cross walk, street corners, trash and clocks collections from grandma’s home. I was there waiting: for the kettle to boil; for the green light to pass; for the package to arrive; for the first morning chirp. It’s reoccurring and I get lost every time. Those backgrounds, they speak, using their figureless body to embrace tranquility. Minutes passed, hours passed, and I was still there, witnessing the possibility of something, approaching.

Waiting is a series of documentation on everyday life scenes related to a distorted experience of waiting. Every frames are set to either captured the empty backgrounds without dominant subjects or the extracted scenes from memory on the frozen time.

By applying layers of acrylic mediums on photograph prints, and then scrubbing the paper fibre off from the surface, a cloudy discourse between me and the painting surface is formed. The photographic images turns into a palette of pigments, which I can scrub off, add on, and reform.

*extract from 'A Lover's Discourse: Fragments' by Roland Barthes

Documentation by Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo